Full disclosure, the woman I love is Dutch. I do admire much about the Netherlands, so I will answer these questions in that vein.

Q.Do you agree the Brexit is a totally stupid and fatal decision now you know Drumpf complimented you for it?
A. I am part of the 48% who voted against the UK leaving the EU. That aside, I do entirely agree that it was an incredibly stupid decision and I would very much like to renege on it.

Q. Did you know Shakespeare was A Dutchman?
A. No, I did not, funnily enough. But you’ve never experienced Shakespeare until you’ve read it in the original Klingon.

Q.Why is it you drink enormous pints of a lewd concoction you call beer while there is Heineken beer?
A. Different strokes for different folks. I quite like Amstel myself, but sometimes I am not in the mood for lager.

Q. What is the road to the loo to?
A. Looe is a lovely village in Cornwall.

Q. Are you prepared to accept an asylum request of Melania?
A. I would, we should be willing to take refugees from intolerable situations.

Q. Who is a bigger asshole: Drumpf or Farage?
A. Farage is referred to as the Cockwomble General in our house.

Q. Where is the nearest pub? Do they have pub grub? Can I join a pub quiz?
A. From here? About 50 metres. And yes they have food. I am banned from partaking in the quiz as I supply the questions.

Q. Why is Nelson on top of a statue?
A. Nelson is on a column because he was an ugly bugger and nobody wanted to see his face up close.

A walking knowingly unashamed trope. British (learn to love the U’s). Digital Marketing Master (although I try to keep work and play separate). Prompt God.

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